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In an increasingly busy world, achieving a balance between home and work is never easy, and working from home could be the ideal solution. No more commuting and more time spent with family and friends must be a good idea. Garden offices can be customised to individual requirements if required, by providing different sizes, additional doors, partitions, extra height, or whatever is required. However, few homes are equipped with either the space or a dedicated work area free from distractions. Building an extension may be a solution, but can be a lengthy and expensive process, and might not overcome the pitfalls of working from home., whereas it is unlikely that a garden office will require planning permission.

Together with our team, you can develop your specific insulated, lined and double glazed building. It will be warm and comfortable for use all year round, and can be designed to incorporate whatever home comforts you require—toilets, kitchen, storage etc. All walls are constructed using a Monaperm® one way vapour barrier between the external clad and the building frame, and a 50mm Ecotherm infill between the exterior and interior clads. The walls are internally cladded with 15mm vertical boarding. All walls are insulated with Ecotherm thermal board as standard. Roofs and floors are constructed in a similar manner. Roofs are felted then tiled with fibreglass reinforced high grade felt shingles – an attractive high quality range of roofing finishes manufactured from a combination of bitumen and bitumen impregnated fibreglass to achieve the ultimate in waterproofing, rot and tear resistance and flexibility. Shingles are topped with a high quality aggregate, which is available in a range of colours, and are totally impervious to wind, rain and snow and can withstand extremes of temperature and humidity without deterioration. Isola shingles are available in three designs and each design in three colours giving flexibility of choice – available in green or black, rectangular or hexagonal.

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All buildings to be treated externally and sealant applied to corner joints.

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