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Who We Are?

Welcome to Oakenclough Buildings Limited. The home of the purpose built garden building. It is our aim to provide you with the building that is right for your garden and your lifestyle.

We do not have a range of models to select from, as all our buildings are made to order, so it is you the customer that decides the size, the layout, position of windows, and all other aspects of the building.

This page is aimed to help you understand how we work, and to answer many of the questions that people ask, so that you are best equipped to choose the building that is right for your garden and your budget.

Where Does the Timber Come From?

All the Timber we use at Oakenclough is harvested from well managed and sustainable European Forests – typically that would mean that mean either Sweden, Finland or Russia.

The timber is slow grown, and each piece of timber harvested will take around 70 years to grow.
This gives the wood that we use a greater density and durability than fast grown timber.

What is more important to us is the strict controls placed over the harvesting of the timber. For instance certain trees are left in situe as well as the top part of the trees, to allow the forest to regenerate naturally.

Machining the Timber

The timber is collected from the forests, and delivered to the local mill, ready for machining.

At the mill, the logs are sorted into sizes, using sophisticated computer techniques, so when they are machined the most efficient cuts can be made out of each log.

After machining, all the timbers are graded

They are then kiln dried and packed ready for export to the UK.

How is the timber machined?

On arrival in the UK, the timber is again machined from standard pieces to the profiles we use in our framework and cladding. The timber in this form is then Tanalised, with Tanalith E, which gives a green colour on arrival. However this then slowly fades in the sunlight to a natural golden colour.

What is Tanalisation?

Many of our buildings are constructed with pressure treated (Tanalised timber throughout). This is the latest generation wood preservative. The timber is impregnated with Tanalith E at high pressure. This draws the preservative into the timber, protecting it from rot and insect infestation for up to 30years. Making the final building more durable and long lasting. The timber is then allowed to naturally dry, and it is ready to be transported to Oakenclough Buildings Ltd and made into garden buildings.

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All buildings to be treated externally and sealant applied to corner joints.

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